Self-Equilibrating Your GrindGuardPM

Self-Equilibrating Night Guard

The Advantage of Self-Equilibrating Your Night Guard

By self-equilibrating your GrindGuardPM night guard you are better protected.

Self-equilibrating your GrindGuardPM is important to ensure that all of your teeth are shielded against the effects of teeth grinding. The goal of any Bruxism appliances is to prevent wear of the teeth and to distribute the destructive forces over a wide area.

Many night guards are made with a uniform thickness. Since your jaw is on a hinge, if the night guard is not equilibrated (formed so all teeth touch at the same time), then your teeth will only contact the back of the guard, concentrating all the forces in that area.

Our GrindGuardPM night guard counteracts this by self-equilibrating. By placing your GrindGuardPM in hot water (similar to athletic mouthguard), then placing in the mouth and firmly biting down, you can self-adjust the bite so all the teeth can contact the night guard. This not only distributes the destructive forces but also ensure a precise and comfortable fit.


Don’t spend another night suffering from teeth grinding, TMJ, or teeth clenching. Choose the GrindGuardPM night guard that is right for you.