I have braces. Can I wear GrindGuardPM?

Don't Wear a Night Guard with BracesDon’t Wear GrindGuardPM With Braces

Teeth shift frequently during active orthodontic treatment so there isn’t an effective way to get a dental impression from which to make a GrindGuardPM night guard.

Plus, it is possible to dislodge a bracket when making an impression when using our Self-Impression System. We recommend talking to your dentist or orthodontist about what options you have available when it comes to protecting your teeth from teeth grinding (Bruxism) if you are wearing braces.


After The Braces Are Off

However, after your orthodontic treatment, you’ll want to protect that new smile with a GrindGuardPM.


Don’t spend another night suffering from teeth grinding, TMJ, or teeth clenching. Choose the GrindGuardPM night guard that is right for you.