How long will my GrindGuardPM last?

The GrindGuardPM night time teeth grinding (Bruxism) mouthguards for sale.GrindGuardPM Quality & Durability

Everyone grinds their teeth at a different rate, but it’s reasonable to expect your GrindGuardPM to last six months or longer.

Due to the very nature of teeth grinding, teeth clenching, and TMJ over time your GrindGuardPM night guard will eventually wear out and will become less effective protecting you from the effects of Bruxism.

We use high-quality materials when crafting your custom-fit night guard to ensure that you are protected for as long as possible. Due to our 3D digital process when the time comes to replace your GrindGuardPM night guard we can offer significant savings on a replacement.


40% Off Regular Price

After 60 days we will replace your GrindGuardPM for 40% off regular price for any reason, including loss if we can use your same digital information. More info…


Don’t spend another night suffering from teeth grinding, TMJ, or teeth clenching. Choose the GrindGuardPM night guard that is right for you.